Promote safety.

Improve crisis outcomes.

Effective oversight.

Compassionate and evidence-based response to mental health crisis situations.

Development Funded By:

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care
Health Technologies Fund
National Research Council Canada
Industrial Research Assistance Program

Digital Public Safety System

HealthIM software supports first responders
during emergency mental health crisis calls

The system is designed to promote safety for both the responder
and the person in crisis, improve outcomes for individuals suffering from
unmanaged mental health challenges and promote effective oversight.

HealthIM consists of four components:

Pre-Response Safety Briefing

Prior to establishing contact with a person in crisis, responders review a brief synopsis of critical safety factors including de-escalation techniques, any known triggers and contextual information compiled from previous contact.

Mental Health Risk Screener

Responders complete a digitized version of the interRAI™ Brief Mental Health Screener (BMHS). The BMHS provides rapid on-scene evaluation of risk and uses clinically validated algorithms to assist in evaluating risk of harm and determining appropriate outcomes.

Inter-Agency Communication

Secure community networks facilitate wireless transmission of on scene observations to hospital, community mental health and other partner agencies. Advanced notification prior to hospital transport facilitates improved transfer of care.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time access to de-identified aggregate response data via secure analytics portal and automated reporting. Provides timely access to key metrics and insights for agency leadership, community partners and policy makers.

Program Benefits

Increase Safety

  • Responders alerted to care considerations prior to establishing contact with a person in crisis.
  • De-escalation information supports peaceful resolution of interactions.
  • Weapons possession and violent behaviour flagged for responders and healthcare staff.

Improve Crisis Outcomes

  • Notification system alerts community partners to incoming persons escorted by emergency responders.
  • Standardized clinical language supports care planning at partner agencies.
  • Responders empowered to make outcome decisions based on the needs of the person in crisis.

Effective Oversight

  • Standardized digital format allows for real time analysis of performance data.
  • Support for Quality Assurance and Professional Standards personnel.
  • Aggregate anonymized data provides insights into response patterns and performance metrics for policy makers.

Protection of an Individual’s Privacy Rights

All data owned by the emergency response agency which created it. All personally-identifying information is anonymised and decrypted at source.

Privacy Compliance

System access is limited to authorized first responders and all activity is tracked via audit log. Information is anonymized at source for transmission and data is end-to-end encrypted both in transit and at rest.

Data Security

Compliant with FIPS 140-3 and CSE cryptographic standards for “PROTECTED B” data. Fully redundant Tier III server infrastructure. 4096 bit RSA encryption across TLS protected channels.

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