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What is the BMHS?

The BMHS was developed by Dr. Ron Hoffman in 2013 and is the first and only brief assessment tool purpose-built for use in law enforcement environments. Developed from a database of over 40,00 mental health assessments the BMHS uses the indicators most commonly associated with violent outcomes. HealthIM Assess is a free mobile app digitizing a demo of interRAI’s Brief Mental Health Screener (BMHS) for educational purposes.

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Users are guided through a series of 25 clinical questions based on responses from the individual, their caregivers, bystanders or the user’s direct observations. For each question a detailed explanation can be accessed, empowering Officers to communicate in clinical language. After all 25 questions are completed the responses are analyzed and the risk of harm is presented.

This free app was developed for testing and evaluation purposes. It does not store any data locally or on any server. Users are responsible for their use of the app and all related clinical outcomes.

Disclaimer: This tool is designed for use by law enforcement agencies, EMS, fire, and other first responders as a means of assessing an individual's risk of harm.

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